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When booking parties larger than 9 guests, we need to setup a formal agreement to reserve the adequate space for these events. Our restaurant has limited options for larger parties and we want to make sure we have the perfect fit for our guest’s experience.

A one-page agreement will be emailed to the host of the party to sign and reserve the space.

A custom menu will be developed by the guest to cater to their exact needs for food and beverage.

A food and beverage minimum will be applied to the agreement, as this is the minimum amount of sales the party will need to reach to occupy the reserved space.

Below are some F&B estimates and occupancies for the areas we can accommodate large parties. Please note that these amounts change depending on the month, day of the week, during holidays, and time of the event:

  • Wine Room Table - semi private - maximum occupancy is 9 guests seated
  • Heated, Outdoor, Covered Patio – private – maximum seated occupancy is 18 guests
  • Entire Dining Room - private - maximum occupancy is 45 guests seated
  • Community Table on Bar Side - non-private - maximum occupancy is 10 guests
  • Bar Side, seated – private – maximum occupancy is 27 guests
  • Bar Side, cocktail format - private – maximum occupancy is 38 guests


Area Sunday - Thursday Monday Friday & Saturday
Wine Room
(max 9 guests)
$750 $500 $950
(max 18 guests)
$1,200 $1,000 $1,900
Dining Room
(max 45 guests)
$3,200 $2,700 $6,000
Community Table
(max 10 guests)
$800 $500 $975
Bar Side
(max 27 / 38 guests)
$2,800 $2,200 $4,400



  • The Food and Beverage minimums listed above do not include tax or gratuity.
  • These figures can also change if an earlier or later seating is scheduled.
  • Food and Beverage minimums are only estimates and are subject to change.
  • Dates are not guaranteed until we have a signed agreement to confirm availability.


Please send all event inquiries to